Green development

Blom Green Development has been developed for the sustainable supply and removal of building materials to and from the center of Amsterdam. This progressive working method ensures that freight traffic in the Amsterdam city center, and thus CO2 emissions, is reduced and sustainable logistics are stimulated. Blom Green Development is also part of a technology cluster.


The problems surrounding urban distribution are increasing. When looking at Amsterdam, the city threatens to become unbalanced at distribution level. Road use is reaching its capabilities and there are still too many places with high concentrations of air pollution. Smart solutions for urban distribution must therefore be sought.

Amsterdam cherishes its waters that occupy about 35% of the city surface. The canals were originally dug to transport merchandise from all over the world, but at the moment the inland waterways are mainly used to show tourists in tour boats the charm of the city. After all, as the population in the cities grows, the demand for goods movements will increase in order to support residents and businesses.

The pontoons and barges loaded with goods, steadily sailing through the canals with the help of pushers and tugs. Moreover, water transport can be seen as a sustainable alternative to road transport, the loading capacity on a deck barge is about two to three times greater than the capacity of a truck. Transporting by means of electric tugs is also a development that is not far away anymore. All Blom BV tugs also run on biosdiesel.

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Application options for barges:

  • Construction materials
  • Laundry from the hotel industry, hospitals and care;
  • Drinks and food for the catering industry;
  • Underground waste containers of companies;
  • Books for museums and bookstores;
  • Chilled and frozen foods;
  • Goods for supermarkets


  • Use as a hub / storage
  • Hotel / overnight facility

Storage and Transhipment

Renting a storage container is a natural choice when you need extra space quickly. Those who store temporarily or long-term do not want to have to worry about it. Not about safety, nor about the circumstances of the building materials or business assets.

We can offer storage at our quays in the Coenhaven, located directly on the water. In addition to storage in containers, we can also offer storage directly on the quay. Indoor and outdoor storage is possible.

Some examples of storage on our quay are sheet piles, concrete piles, parts of work vehicles, building materials, etc.

Transport (Loading/Unloading)

Blom BVhas a spacious loading and unloading quay and a 70 tonne crane. This allows us to provide a complete package of services, in which not only road and water transport can be combined, but there is also the option of storage and transhipment. In addition, we offer green water transport throughout the Netherlands, with environmentally friendly propulsion.

Towing Service

Blom BV provides various port services such as the docking and docking of ships. We also provide stowage and towing of ships for clients.

Delivery and replenishment of seagoing vessels
We can offer seagoing vessels delivery by means of deck barges to provide the necessary supplies.

Anchor and anchor chains
We also carry out work around the supply / removal of anchors and anchor chains for ships.

See below a selection from our fleet, which consists of a minimum of 150hp to 1000hp.

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19.46 Meter


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9 Meter


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