Green Development

Blom Green Development

Amsterdam is becoming more sustainable. Safety, sustainability and quality of life are central to this. Blom Green development is a sustainable and safe distribution concept for entrepreneurs who want to transport or store (heavy) materials or goods in the Amsterdam city center.Transport to the last mile.


The municipality of Amsterdam is making inner-city distribution more sustainable. In a plan for 2040, Amsterdam addresses the quality of life in the city. Safety, sustainability and quality of life are central to this. By reducing the number of cars deep into the city, the quality of life will increase. Cycling will be an important means of transport, in addition to public transport. Goods and materials that enter the city go by electric cars or by water. After all, more than 20% of Amsterdam consists of water. And then the road network is much less taxed.

Blom bv has come up with a concept. A concept that arose from the transport of heavy to light building materials deep into the city.

The concept

5 steps:

  1. Freight / transport exceptionally large or small, parcels, rough or fine building materials arrive from a seagoing vessel, inland shipping, truck at one of the central work points of Blom BV,including the Coenhaven Pier Africa;
  2. Transshipment and storage (covered) of (construction) material / goods / packages;
  3. Transport of heavy to light materials / goods with pontoons, barges or hopper barges to main hubs (Westerdok and Oosterdok), sub-hubs in the city center or other destination;
  4. Transshipment from (sub) hubs to smaller pontoons, deck barges, barges or electric boats; Storage also possible at smaller sub-hubs per district;
  5. Transshipment from smaller sub-hubs to small electric vans / bicycle / car throughout the (inner) city of Amsterdam for the last mile.

Results so far

BioFuel from SsynFuel Marine.

2017: reduced emissions by 19.770 KG Co2

2018: reduced emissions by 23.565 KG Co2

2019: reduction of emissions with 14,770 KG Co2

Blom Green Development

Blom Green Development was originally developed for the sustainable supply and removal of raw or fine building materials and building materials to and from the center of Amsterdam. This sustainable transport method has been extended to goods, materials, packages or otherwise that goes into the city. Since 2010 this progressive method has resulted in less freight traffic in Amsterdam. The CO2 emissions have been reduced in the Amsterdam city center. Blom Green Development is closely involved in new developments in electric sailing and towing and is also part of a technology cluster i.c.w. including TNO.

Iso 9001-2015

To maintain the quality of life in Amsterdam in the future, safety is also one of the themes. Risks of construction projects or transport of goods and services must meet all kinds of requirements. Little or no inconvenience to the environment. Little or no risk of accidents in the area. Controllable before and afterwards.

Blom BV is Iso 9001-2015 hiervoor gecertificeerd, zodat opdrachtgevers weten dat dit onderdeel goed en veilig georganiseerd is.

What can Blom bv do for you

  1. Rental oftugs, deck barges, barges and pontoons;

  2. Regional transport of raw or fine (building) materials, goods and packages in and around Amsterdam;

  3. Transport of raw or fine (construction) materials, goods and packages nationally (from Groningen to Maastricht) and internationally (from France, Belgium or Germany) via deck barges, pontoons or inland shipping.

  4. Aerial and crane service possible. From electric aerial platforms to mini cranes;

  5. Transshipment from inland shipping,transporters or seagoing vessels to the smaller pontoons, deck barges and barges;

  6. Arranging temporary storage (also covered) on the site of Blom bv itself or at sub-hubs in the city per district;

  7. Docking and docking of seagoing vessels

  8. Taking care of the transport and shelter for employees of construction, painting and contracting companies. Via a chain of hotels or a tailor-made barge with portakabins;

Total solution or just advice?

Transporting large objects or supporting events? Transporting large objects or supporting events, from docking seagoing ships to transporting them to the center of Amsterdam to the last mile? You can if you know how. With a permanent core and a flexible shell with more than 20 employees, Blom BV is ready to support you and provide you with the right advice. Or to completely unburden you and take it all off your hands, so that you can focus on what is important to you.

For whom?

We have been working for construction, carpentry and painting companies for years. The municipality of Amsterdam, the water works and water boards are also our proud customers. We are also always available for seagoing vessels and inland shipping. And new in 2019 is that we also make this concept available to parcel carriers, supermarkets and many others.

“The entrepreneurs who work with Blom bv simply continue with their transports in a safe way, whereby the reduction of CO2 and (inner-city) nuisance are central, because their towing and transport services are personal and well organized!”